The symptoms and treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis is a male disease in which the representative of the stronger sex there is inflammation of the prostate gland, which causes the phenomenon of the emergence of a number of unpleasant symptoms. This gland is the body representative of the stronger sex under the bladder. As symptoms of prostatitis in humans appear painful sensations in the lower abdomen or back and in the crotch. When this occurs violation of urination, Yes besides urges increase. During ejaculation the man feels pain. If the patient is elderly, then it is in parallel can take place also prostate adenoma.

Pathogenesis (what happens)

The prostate produces fluid which then becomes the basis for sperm. Causes inflammation often becomes an infection of bacterial nature, injuries, severe hypothermia, problems with the circulation of blood in the pelvic organs, hormonal disruptions in the body, and irregular sexual life. The disease is characteristic of men of different age groups, but the most frequent prostatitis occurs in people who are under the age of fifty years.


The causes of prostatitis

Development of prostatitis promotes a number of specific reasons. Very often the symptoms of prostatitis occur in men who lead irregular sexual life, often subjected to hypothermia and injury. Furthermore, prostatitis may develop as a consequence of low immunity, poor blood flow and lymph circulation in the pelvic organs men, as a result of hormonal failure, which provokes a certain level of androgynous insufficiency. A contributing factor to the manifestation of prostatitis, is also considered the number of infections that are transmitted sexually. Thus, prostatitis is often seen in men after unprotected intercourse.In addition, the symptoms of prostatitis often arise on the background of the patient and certain obstructions at the outlet from the bladder (stones, tumors, etc.)

The symptoms of prostatitis

Symptoms of prostatitis in its acute form is manifested by a sharp temperature increase. The patient suffers from chills, he's got a sore lower back, is manifested pain in the muscles and joints. In the crotch the man feels some discomfort and feeling uncharacteristic warmth. There may be swelling, the prostate increases in size. Frequent urge to urinate, with urine of the patient more turbid. Of hours when you tap and perineal pain which becomes more intense under strong pressure on the prostate. Later Yes the common symptoms of acute prostatitis increase the pain in the lower back and genital area. Hours the pain may spread to other areas intact. The patient complains of a noticeable increase in night urination, during urination it pain burning sensation.

In acute prostatitis revealed signs of General intoxication. In some cases, due to the development of local inflammation in the prostate gland, the patient begins sepsis. In such cases the person requires immediate hospitalization and emergency treatment.Chronic prostatitis with a bacterial nature, often generally asymptomatic, but it can provoke the phenomena of appearance in men signs of urinary tract infections that arise as complications of the disease. In addition, in this case, you may experience the following symptoms of prostatitis: pain during ejaculation, blood in semen, permanent phenomenon, the appearance of discharge from the urethra. Possible manifestation of pain in the area between the anus and scrotum. Later, the man may be suffering from the hell of sexual dysfunction that occurs as a result of the described symptoms.


Diagnosis of prostatitis

For proper diagnosis, it is important to approach and diagnosis of prostatitis comprehensively. First of all, the specialist shall conduct a survey and examination of the patient. The doctor performs a digital rectal examination, which identifies some of the symptoms of prostatitis – pain and swelling of the prostate gland. Guided by the data collected, it decides on the appointment of the patient urine culture with the aim of establishing the causes of the infection. To obtain accurate results, a comparison of cultures in three urine samples. This is done by analysis of urine collected at the beginning of urination, from the middle portion, and also analyzed the allocation obtained by massage of the prostate after urination. If may place increased the number of colonies of bacteria is confirmed prostatitis.To avoid errors in diagnosis of prostatitis, it is important to exclude certain diseases, some symptoms of which are similar to the symptoms of prostatitis. Appendicitis, cystitis, prostate cancer, urinary incontinence, benign prostatic hyperplasia, pyelonephritis. Analyses of the blood, which results in prostatitis there has been an increase in the number of leukocytes and increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate. In addition, if necessary, the patient is assigned and additional methods of examination – ultrasound of the prostate and organs, located nearby, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.

Treatment of prostatitis

In the treatment of chronic prostatitis practiced by the use of prolonged courses of treatment with antibacterial drugs is prescribed for a period of 4-8 weeks.If the patient may place chronic prostatitis should have a course of prostate massage, which greatly improves the overall condition of the patient. In non-bacterial prostatitis to relieve his symptoms used anticholinergic medications and analgesics. To get the hell of constant chronic pain in the prostate area and in need of treatment with alpha blockers and muscle relaxants.

Introduction analgesics patient practiced to eliminate bladder spasms. Often also prescribed physiotherapy, which is aimed at stimulation of nerve endings of the prostate and its surrounding tissues. As a method of therapy it is also recommended that periodic Masturbation, which helps protect hell phenomenon is the appearance of swelling of the prostate tissue. In addition, today there are a number of techniques that allow to normalize metabolic processes in the tissues of the prostate, improve blood circulation, stimulate the muscles of the prostate. This applies to electrical stimulation, laser therapy, magneto therapy and other effective methods.In addition, there are folk remedies which are used for treatment of prostatitis. They can be used as concomitant therapy, however, requires the coordination of all of the ways to treat the disease with a specialist.


So, according to statistics, the disease recurs in about half of the cases. The ineffectiveness of all the above methods of treatment the doctor decides on the need for surgery. In this case we are talking about transurethral resection of the prostate. In the course of this operation all infected tissue is completely removed. Such operation is prescribed to elderly patients, because after the conference the person may develop infertility. The clock also assigned to conduct prostatectomy – the surgical intervention, during which the prostate and surrounding tissue are completely removed. After such surgery the man may develop impotence and incontinence.

Treatment of prostatitis at home

In the process of treatment of the disease allowed the use of the parallel treatment of prostatitis in the home. For this purpose, proven traditional methods, which beneficially affect the General condition of the male body, and to alleviate the condition of prostatitis. Back in the old watches for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate healers used ordinary pumpkin seeds. The fact that the pumpkin seeds contains a very high amount of zinc, an element which is extremely necessary for every male body, regardless of ad age. In order to relief of the disease, traditional medicine recommends to drink thirty of pumpkin seeds in front of one of the meals. This must be done every day, and the body will be provided with daily allowance of zinc.

There is another app treatment of prostatitis with Semak pumpkin. You must clear hell, peel about half a kilo of Semak and mince. Note that this cure prostatitis will be effective only if you are using raw pumpkin seeds. The resulting mass is added honey – about 200 grams. The solution should be well mixed, and sculpt original beads-candy the size of a walnut. These medicinal candies should be stored in a cool place. There balls need before meals, one or two every day. This candy takes a long time to chew or bite in the mouth. It is sufficient to repeat such a course of home treatment once a year.How to treat prostatitis in house conditions, it is possible to learn from the many publications of the recipes of traditional medicine. For example, treatment of the disease of aspen bark. The bark should be collected in the beginning of movement of juice, in the spring before Bud break. The thickness of the crust should be Yes five millimeters. The collected bark need a little dry in the oven, after which one hundred grams of the bark should chop and pour the crust 200 grams of vodka. The bark should be completely covered with liquid. This mixture needs to steep in a dark place for two weeks. After this infusion filter and drink three times a day, dripping twenty drops per 100 g of water. To use cure prostatitis need before food, the treatment will last about two months.

the area of the disease

For treatment of prostatitis folk remedies juice therapy is also used. For this purpose, suitable fresh carrot juice mixed with the juices of the asparagus, cucumbers and beets. Particularly useful in this case, the juice of asparagus: it is recommended to drink half a liter a day. Another useful for men NAPA – juice from berries of black elderberry. It should be drunk in the morning, before Breakfast, one tablespoon. Use juice should not less than ten Zen. In the treatment of juices, the patient may have a fever. This is a normal process that indicates that the therapy is working. But for long-term storage of elderberry juice can be added to a container with some vinegar. Shell chestnuts can also help those who suffer from prostatitis. You need to take a fresh shell with needles and brew it. To prepare the broth, chopped the peel chestnut pour boiling water and infuse. Use the broth instead of tea. For this you need to separate the peel chestnuts, chop it and fill the night three tablespoons of peel with boiling water. In the morning the infusion is strained and steamed in a water bath until the vessel will remain approximately 200 g of liquid. Make the broth three times a day before meals, thirty drops. Drink the broth until it ends. Treatment of skinned chestnut was repeated after two months. It is recommended to take three such courses.

For treatment at home patients with prostatitis can use the juice of parsley take it three times a day before meals for one tablespoon. Parsley contains large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C, which makes it very useful for the male body. A decoction of the seeds of parsley – no less effective. To prepare it, you need to grind the seeds and the consistency of the powder, and then four spoons of this powder pour boiling water (one Cup) and boil for fifteen minutes. Decoction take one tablespoon several times a day (six times).Grass celandine and Hemlock are suitable for the preparation of infusions for treatment of prostatitis.

However, Hemlock is a poisonous herb. Half a tablespoon of both herbs need to pour 100 g of alcohol. Tincture to prepare ten Zen in a dark place, after which it is filtered. You need to use the infusion in the morning within 30 minutes of eating. For this small amount of water or milk to add to the first day one drop of infusion. The next day the number of drops is two, etc. This means, in the thirtieth day of people drink thirty drops of the tincture. Distances the count should be in reverse order, and in the sixtieth day of treatment the patient returns again and one drop of infusion.Also at home you can prepare a decoction of yarrow herb, birch leaf and bearberry. Blend of herbs pour boiling water and infuse. After straining drink before meals for two tablespoons.You can also prepare other herbal teas: for treatment of prostatitis successfully used the leaves and bark of hazel, burdock root, Primula veris.

healthy and diseased prostate

Treatment of prostatitis candles

A very good way to combat inflammation has long been considered propolis. Propolis extract can be applied as a element of complex treatment of prostatitis. For cooking products used for treatment need in 200 ml of pure alcohol to evaporate 40 grams of propolis. When the propolis extract is prepared, 0.1 g of extract was mixed with 2 g of cocoa butter. This mixture should be shaped in the form of the candle and insert overnight in the rectum. This treatment continues every day throughout the month. After about a month and a half the course again. Propolis can also be taken internally: to do this use a 20%-ing alcohol tincture of propolis. 40 drops of tincture dissolved in 100 g of water. Such cure prostatitis take throughout forty five Zen before meals. Also you can take a course of treatment with pollen, which is used for one dessert spoon every morning and evening for half an hour before meals. For other types of candles take three tablespoons of rye flour, which Yes add one teaspoon of raw eggs and honey. From the solution make a uniform batter, in e which the shape of candles that comprise a diameter of about one centimeter. Candles need to be put in the freezer. They are inserted into the anus night and morning. The treatment lasts four weeks, if necessary it can be repeated in a week.